Armoguard™ Lite ballistic armour vests are designed to take advantage of superior properties of aramid ballistic fiber. This vest designed to provide an excellent protection without restricting the movement.

All vests have been simulated and tested according to the NIJ Standard 0101.06 and 0115.00.

This Special Operation Combat Vest features:

  • Soft comfort knitting combat cotton/spun polyester
  • S.A.P.T.™ interior lined to release body heat around the torso and back area in a high humidity environment
  • Side interior lined with 3D mesh for a comfortable airflow
  • Heavy duty nylon webbing tape
  • Fixed front and rear pocket to hold Level IIIA and IV Armoguard Lite® armour plates
  • Vest fabric density of 1,000 denier ripstop nylon
  • Built-in assault rifle sling
  • Multiple tactical pockets upon request
  • Ballistic vest carrying case with armour ceramic pockets
  • Camel back hydropack pocket (sold separately)
  • Customizable vest weight upon request


Perusahaan Pembuat : PT. Farin Industri Nusantara

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