Tank Simulator


Preparing the tank crew to be always on their top performance is very important. This achievement rarely reached in the most efficient way. Technology should come up as an answer to maximize the result of training and at the same time reduce cost and made training more efficient and safe. This is where the Tank Simulator are needed as a tool to develop crew skill in using Alutsista. Our Tank Simulator is capable to provide training aids for various skill level basic : medium, or advance training. We can provide solutions and adapt to client’s requirements. Continuous research and development in every aspect of Tank Simulator is inherent within company policy to ensure our system meet the today’s need of tank simulator.



Our system is designed to make a full use of training aids that are efficient safe and best in value.

Safety crew development and training activities  and also operating the simulator does not cause the crew to get hurt and not exposed to biast.

Efficiency by using tank simulation, training needs in the field of war becomes more economical and more efficient because the exercise can be adjusted and changed shape to fit the needed scenario.

Effective, using tank simulator will give tank crews experiences before they are take on the real one. This will greatly reduce possibility of human error causing damage to the real tank.



  1. Capability to simulate the operation of tank and all of its subsystems.
  2. Capability to simulate the tactics and strategy of war, both in term of tools and driver.
  3. Capability to simulate the joint force personnel and vehicle combat on land sea and air.



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