In English, Hiu Merah means Red Shark. Hiu Merah ROV is a customized ROV which is designed to simulate mini submarine. Hiu Merah has been proven to be a stable platform to run forward movement and manouver.

It is also can be used as an observation class ROV which is equipped with camera. Hiu Merah gives more stability compared to standard ROV while running faster forward movement. This advantage makes Hiu Merah suitable to carry seabed scanning task.

Hiu Merah has 4 vectored thrusters. Two thrusters in the middle body are for vertical movement, up and down. Two thrusters in the back of Hiu Merah are for horizontal movement, forward-backward and turning. Currenty Hiu Merah is equipped with color camera and sonar. It is possible to add more sensors since Hiu Merah still has positive bouyance.

Perusahan Pembuat : PT. Robomarine Indonesia

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