Briefing from the Minister of Defence during the inauguration of newly formed KKIP’s leadership in December 2020


Personnel is a fundamental element of an organization, hence an excellent organization must be supported by a sufficient personnel.

KKIP’s personnel are composed of highly respected academicians, industrial practitioners, top-ranked bureaucrats from various ministries/agencies, and ex-military commanders. Most of lower-ranked staff are active military personnel who serve in the either in Ministry of Defense of Armed Forces (TNI).

The current President of the Republic of Indonesia also serves as the Chairman of KKIP (Ketua KKIP). The Minister of Defense, Prabowo Subianto, holds the position of Acting Chairman (Ketua Harian), while the Minister of State Enterprises, Erick Thohir, serves as the Deputy Acting Chairman (Wakil Ketua Harian).

The Vice Minister of Defense, M. Herindra, has been appointed as the Secretary of KKIP, and the current Director of Defense Industry and Technology of the Defense Ministry, First Marshall Wajariman, is the Head of Secretariat.

From its establishment until 2019, Admiral (Ret) Soemardjono was the Head of KKIP’s Executive Team (Ketua Tim Pelaksana). In late November 2020, Mr. Prabowo Subianto issued a decree to form a new leadership of the team with the following composition:

  1. Lieutenant General (Ret) J. Suryo Prabowo as the Head
  2. Rear Admiral (Ret) Darwanto as the Head of Planning Division
  3. Lieutenant General (Ret) Dr. Yoedhi Swastanto as the Head of Research, Development, Engineering, and Standardisation Division
  4. Yono Reksoprodjo as the Head of Technology Transfer and Offset Division
  5. Alex Janangkih Sinaga as the Head of Collaboration and Marketing Division
  6. Slamet Soedarsono as the Head of Funding and Financing Division
  7. Maruli Ario Tampubolon as the Head of Law and Regulation Division

Each Head of Division (Ketua Bidang) is supported by a staff. Due to health reasons, Mr. J. Suryo Prabowo has resigned and Mr. Yoedhi Swastanto has been assigned as the Acting Head of the Executive Team.

There is also a new Expert Team consisting of expert staff from eight fields of expertise:

  1. Rear Admiral (Ret) Dr. Mulyadi as the Expert of Marine Defense. In January 2023, he was appointed as the Coordinator of Expert Staff (Korsahli).
  2. Teguh Haryono as the Expert of Research, Development, and Standardization.
  3. Makmur Keliat, Ph.D as the Expert of Defence Industries Collaboration
  4. G. Gatot Tetuko as the Expert of Financing
  5. Dr. Suhono Harso Supangkat as the Expert of Cyber Defense
  6. Lydia Silvanna Djaman as the Expert of Law and Regulation
  7. Rabin Indrajad Hattari, Ph.D as the Expert of Planning
  8. Air Vice Marshall (Ret) Danardono Sulistyo Adji as the Expert of Offset Cooperation

There are six staff to assist the respective head of division and a staff to help Expert Team.

Meanwhile, the Secretariat body comprised into six division (budget planning, budget execution, data, publication, internal affairs, and internal evaluation).

The diversity of KKIP’s personnel illustrates the inclusivity and complexity of defense industrial policy-making in Indonesia. As mandated by law, the governance of defence industries requires the collaborations among government, industries, end-user, and academician.


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